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Contemporary Arts Museum





  • With the trustees, developed a strategic plan that sharpened the institution’s curatorial focus in Houston’s complex cultural environment

  • Heightened CAM’s profile with a roster of international exhibitions and educational offerings for underserved audiences as well as vigorous rebranding and marketing programs

  • Recruited and developed a talented staff; crafted written staff handbooks and job descriptions

  • Enhanced visitors’ experience with low-cost, high-impact improvements to the building

  • and grounds, customer-service training for staff, and the expansion of the CAM store

  • Increased earnings from the store, fundraising events, and fees from CAM touring exhibitions

  • Stabilized the finances of this $2 million annual operation, including the adoption of written investment policies for the management and use of working capital and endowed funds

  • In fierce competition, secured the top National Endowment for the Arts Challenge Grant of $250,000 to set the stage for the expansion of Contemporary Arts Museum's facilities and endowment






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