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Neuberger Museum of Art

State University of New York at Purchase




  • Brought faculty and trustees together to realize the mandate for the Neuberger—one of the largest university museums in the nation—to serve both academic audiences and New York State residents; as a result, faculty from all disciplines began to use the museum in their teaching, and regional audiences grew in number and diversity

  • Repositioned the exhibition and educational programs to establish the museum’s profile in the metropolitan New York area; the impact was increased buzz, prestige, and greater press coverage

  • Made scholarly publications a priority; negotiated national distribution agreements

  • Launched one of the first twelve museum-school partnerships in the US, and upgraded training for more than fifty docents to support this ambitious initiative

  • Uncovered outstanding collections of American, European, African, and ancient art languishing in storage; catalogued, conserved, and shaped them into shows for students and visitors

  • Attracted national media attention and engaged campus and community audiences in the acquisitions program with a provocative series of exhibitions called Hidden Desires; as a result, purchase funds for art acquisitions grew, and the quality of gifts of art increased dramatically

  • Created an endowment fund with a $1 million gift—at the time, the largest private contribution in the history of the state university system







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