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Zimmerli Art Museum

Rutgers University




  • Revitalized the Zimmerli’s role as a teaching museum and incubator for interdisciplinary exchange at Rutgers and a vital educational resource for the broader community

  • Created a strategic plan that strengthened all of the museum’s core functions: fundraising capability, facilities management and security, collection conservation and access, communications and programs

  • Rebuilt membership and fundraising efforts; raised more than $7.8 million

  • Developed a comprehensive master plan for the modernization of the museum’s 70,000 square-foot facility and refurbished 30,000 square feet of public space

  • Established up-to-date policies for the care, management, and conservation of the museum’s 60,000 works of art to ensure its long-term stewardship

  • Reinvigorated installations of the collection and special exhibitions

  • Published three major books with Prestel for international distribution

  • Raised the national profile of the museum and of Rutgers in such publications as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post

  • Expanded the Zimmerli’s digital footprint from the ground up by rebuilding the museum’s fifteen-year-old website and forming alliances with the Google Art Project, ARTstor, and




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